Rasche's Kartenspiele/Cardgames  v.1.0.1

Rasche's Kartenspiele is a combination of all of our games into one so that you can try out all of the various versions.

Rasche's Kartenspiele  v.1.8

You can play all our card games (Skat, Doppelkopf, Sheepshead, Schafkopf, Skat En Deux,.


Rasche's Skat  v.6.2

Rasche's Skat contains a 3D user interface where you will find yourself sitting at the table with 2 opponents.

Rasche's Doppelkopf  v.4.0

Rasche`s Doppelkopf contain a 3D user interface where you will find yourself sitting at the table with 3 opponents.

Rasche`s Schafkopf  v.3.53

Rasche`s Schafkopf contains our new 3D user interface.

Rasche's Sheepshead Schafkopf  v.3.31

This is a German/American card game.

Tom's Schafkopf Express  v.1.08

Tom`s Schafkopf/Sheepshead Express contain our new 3D user interface.

Tom's Skat Express  v.3.08

Tom's Skat Express contain our new 3D user interface.


The cardgame Eleven is a popular cardgame for young and old. Level complete bonus, time bonus, cards left bonus, bonus level, hiscore, training-mode, and much more... Goal of the game Eleven is to remove all cards from the field. To remove cards the sum

Royal Offiziersskat 2007 ( Bauernskat )

Also as " Bauernskat" admitted play is a Skat-Play for 2 players. The opponent is simulated by the computer. "Royal Offiziersskat" offers an excellent tactics. This play offers playing-cards in coulors, acoustic output, simplest operation and an extensive

Royal Doppelkopf Live

Play with our professional Program against the play-strong computer or takes part you in on-line fox hunt in the Internet! Numerous rule variants, acoustic output and large Spielkarten are available also with on-line rounds.

Royal Skat

No matter, whether you would like to play against the play-strong PC opponents or against material players in the Internet or LAN Skat, with Royal Skat always find you your desire opponents! Royal Skat runs independently of the Internet browser and offers

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